Wellness & Sport



Because the sea view deserves an audience…

Enjoy the tranquillity of our sunbathing deck. Set up a sun lounger under one of our umbrellas and the infinite horizon of the sea, as well as the picturesque architecture of Old Sozopol, will open up before you. We can offer you a refreshing drink at any moment, and if you want to relax even more, you may take a dip in the bubbling waters of our Jacuzzi. If your plans change, the terrace is connected to the indoor pool and the wellness changing rooms.



When the sea exhausts you, the pool calms you…

Even the summer heat and sea waves can be exhausting at times. So, if you prefer to swim or rest in a more private and calm setting, we have an indoor heated pool available . If you come with your children, there is a shallow portion where they can have as much fun as they want.

If you want to enjoy the refreshing sea wind, the pool has a direct link to the relaxation terrace, where you may relax beneath one of our sun umbrellas.



Your place to detox and relax your body…

If you are interested in toning your body in a heated environment, come to the sauna, which will be specifically prepared for you. With the help of a special bucket of water, you may adjust the temperature and humidity level to your liking. The sauna is covered with soft wood that is delicate and friendly to the skin for a truly comfortable experience. The room, of course, has an hourglass, thermohydrometer, and emergency button.

As a reminder, children under the age of 14 should not be allowed in the sauna.



Because every holiday needs some exercise…

Come to our modern gym if you don’t want to disturb your training routine or if you just want to tone up a little more. You’ll discover all the exercise equipment you need for the major muscle parts, and you’ll be able to alternate strength and aerobic training.

At your disposal here are:

A reminder that gym workouts are not recommended for children under the age of 14.